Smart GIS Solutions provides integrated web and mobile GIS applications to fulfill your business requirements. Contact us on how we can elevate your digital data transformation.


Partnering with T-Mapy, we provide customized and configurable web GIS platform to allow for complex business requirements, including internal and external viewers with authentication systems for different access across named users and groups.

Together, we have a network of project managers, product managers, GIS specialists, web developers and user experience designers working coherently to deliver the best solution.

Some of the features and advantages include:

  • Asset Management system and Utilities - Twistbox
  • Compliance with OGC and ESRI services
  • Advanced Visualization
  • Advanced Widgets
  • Rich infographic and reports
  • High performance
  • VGI and crowdsource support
  • 2D and 3D models
  • 360° 3D objects

ArcGIS Online is a pre-built, collaborative, cloud-based web mapping platform. While on-premise deployment or other software requires system maintenance and patch updates, ArcGIS Online is a software-as-a-service hosted by ESRI. In effect, users can focus on collecting, creating, using and sharing maps while utilizing a full range of desktop, mobile and web applications.

Taking advantages of components such as Web Apps and Web Maps, organizations can benefit from greater efficiency across their daily tasks, as all these components seamlessly work together from data collection to processes and visualization. Smart GIS Solutions will provide expertise for the full deployment cycle for your organization compliant with your business needs.

The process includes:

  • Listening to your organization needs and detailing requirements.
  • Setting up licenses.
  • Optimizing ArcGIS Online deployment based on required capabilities.
  • Providing staff training and hand-over documentation.
  • Setting up smart user/group management for optimized credit usage.
  • Advising best practices and integrating secure data collection and visualization.

As an on-promise or cloud-based Web GIS, ArcGIS Enterprise offers a complete and highly configurable GIS platform that runs behind your firewall and in your infrastructure.

Features include:

  • Portal for ArcGIS for organizing and sharing maps and apps similar to ArcGIS Online environment.
  • An enterprise geodatabase, the ultimate in geodata storage and management.
  • Customized apps can be tailored for your needs without coding.
  • Data stores for providing secure storage and fast access to maps and data.
  • Capabilities for real-time imagery and large data processing (optional).
  • Capabilities to select configurations for specialized GIS Servers such as GeoEvent Server, GeoAnalytics Server, Image Server and even ArcGIS Business Analyst Server (optional).
Image sourced from ESRI