Smart GIS Solutions utilizes the latest technologies to elevate your maps and data to the next level.



Web GIS Services and Smart City Solutions

T-MAPY supports customer decisions with help of geospatial information. We are the official Reseller Partner with T-MAPY to provide Web GIS services and Smart City solutions. Drawing experience from both T-MAPY and Smart GIS Solutions, we have joined forces to design innovative solutions to assist governmental organizations and businesses to achieve their goals.

T-MAPY Web GIS is the leading GIS platform for internal purposes and public enabling data visualization, asset management, advanced spatial analysis, creation of 360° 3D models and much more in modern user interface.  




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Geospatial solutions

Geospatial solutions

From data collection, spatial analysis to geospatial data representation, we have the experience and expertise to design functional and streamlined workflows for clients in governmental organizations and businesses.  Utilising ESRI products (desktop, mobile, web) and open source frameworks, we can create optimized solutions for any needs and deliverables.

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data Management Solutions

By applying FME and other ETL processes like SSIS packages to manage geospatial workflows, we can implement custom solutions for automating processes, integrating spatial and non-spatial datasets to solve complex problems.