Smart City

An aspect of Smart City is to optimize a city sustainability and livability for its people by using information and communication technology (ICT), Geospatial (Smart GIS) technology, and Internet of things (IoT) technology in an intelligent infrastructure. This is the goal of any local government/council and municipality to seamlessly interact with its communities and use their feedbacks, needs, trends to facilitate improved public services and higher quality of life.

By taking into account of geospatial intelligence, sensor networks, volunteered GIS, open geospatial portals, 3D GIS, Smart GIS Solutions and T-MAPY Web GIS draw upon Smart City principles to make the city better.





T-MAPY Web GIS is a European GIS platform for internal purposes and public enabling data visualization, asset management, advanced spatial analysis, creation of 360° 3D models and much more in modern user interface. Compliant with ESRI (ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online) and other open-source platforms, T-MAPY web apps can be customized for your organization. Some of the features include:

  • Smart Asset Management system
  • Advanced Visualization
  • 2D and 3D
  • High perfomrance
  • User engagement (VGI)
  • Detailed Information
  • Advanced Widgets



Smart GIS Solutions frequently maps proposed developments and resource consent applications relative to district or regional plan data. With strong planning background and geospatial techniques, we can actively advocate innovative solutions to spatial issues related to your planning projects.

It is our specialty to create beautiful and well structured offline and online maps (such as Storymap from ESRI) to compliment your team to achieve effective communication on your projects.




Smart GIS Solutions frequently carries out mapping work for geotechnical and mining projects. With our deep understanding of relevant official dataset and processes involved, we can work coherently with you to extract and manage geotechnical test data, create and maintain your custom spatial database, and to generate maps and cross sections. 

Alongside with our GIS capabilities, our professionals have strong surveying and CAD capabilities to provide back end support such as calculation of volumes and cross-section drawings.




Smart GIS Solutions has been involved in a number of water management projects. We have worked on large array of projects such as groundwater resource investigation, catchment modelling, effect assessments, compliance monitoring and resource consents for irrigations.

Our services include but not limited to creating Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), delineating surface water catchment boundaries, and mapping flow paths. We also have considerable experience with catchment network analysis, as well as analysing data of different formats and sources to compile maps for catchment management plans.



Air Quality

Smart GIS Solutions has been involved in a number of air quality projects, including impact assessments, airshed modelling, ambient air quality monitoring, odour and dust assessments, ecological impact assessments and strategic planning on permits.

We have developed custom geoprocessing tool to suit the needs of our clients. This may include producing terrain and landcover data in a specific format as input to other modelling software. Site layout plans and scenario-based maps can also improve communication for complex effects such as hazard consequence analysis detailing safe zones according to prescribed parameters.



Smart GIS Solutions has considerable experience on geospatial services in all aspects of ecology disciplines, such as terrestrial, freshwater and marine environmental projects. They include management plans, inventories, habitat classifications, riparian habitat restoration, sediment analysis, biophysical surveying, discharge assessment and environmental reviews.

The work we deliver often combines with desktop review of spatial data, data collection in digital format, and postprocessing including presenting for reporting needs or for further collaboration and visualizing needs such as on Web Application and Web Maps. 




Geohealth is inspired from Dr. John Snow who made a dot map to illustrate the cluster of cholera cases around the pump in 1854. By applying statistics and spatial analysis (geostatistics / spatial correlation), he could demonstrate how cholera cases are related to quality of water sources in London.

In the context of Health Informatics, Smart GIS Solutions have vast experience in health geography and disease mapping, by using spatial pattern analysis and geostatistics. Our solutions can be useful for District Health Boards (DHBs), Hospitals, and health research groups.

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Contaminated Land

Smart GIS Solutions assisted an extensive number of contaminated site projects in respect to the geospatial components of the investigations. This includes Assessment of Effects on the Environment (AEE), Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI), Detailed Site Investigations (DSI), risk assessment, historical assessments and investigation, environmental due diligence, emergency response, and site management.

In addition to meet reporting requirements as map deliverables, we also have the latest technologies ranging from data collection forms to dashboard and cloud sync capabilities, ensuring we can assist teams of any size to achieve their goals throughout the project cycle.



Volunteered GIS (VGI) and Crowd sourcing data collection

Smart GIS Solutions have considerable experience in collaborative mapping suites and solutions. There is a great potential for organizations to take advantage of customer feedback and collected data in a participatory basis. With government organizations and emergency services utilizing mobile GIS, wider public can provide responsive feedback via user-friendly interface.

GIS training



Smart GIS Solutions can assist you and your company to upgrade your GIS and FME skillset. Please contact us for further information tailored to your needs.