T-MAPY analytical maps - Czech Legislative Election 2017 highlight

The possiblities are limitless!

We are proud to highlight the success story of T-Mapy with TV Nova (the most popular TV station in the Czech Republic) last month!

To better understand Czech legislative election 2017 with over 14,000 voting districts, T-Mapy analytical maps demonstrate the technical excellence and reliability by working with news reporter and political analyst to show polling results live and dynamically.

Not only the analytical maps helped visualize the changes between the current election live data (refreshed every 30 seconds) and 2013 past results, they can also zoom in and pan to the desired areas through this massive man-size touchscreen display!

T-Mapy analytical maps can be used for visualizing and analyzing data of any type (spatial/non-spatial), and can be intergrated with your CRM/ERP/BI systems.

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